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Sometimes the blame we heap on those who do not live up to the expectations of their clients in terms of how they structure and organise their documents may be too harsh and unjustified. This is especially so if our expectations are over and above the basic capabilities of the person in question. NAKSHI believes that the first step in improving the quality of such documents and services is to equip those who generate them with the requisite knowledge and skills that go into their conceiving, production and presentation.
We train and offer workshops on editing and proofreading, communication and publishing services. The training we offer is not what can be offered in a classroom setting. We design and deliver specialised and dedicated training that goes to the heart of ensuring that you appreciate the reason something is done and understand how it is done. In most cases, we will interact with your product or service to identify and classify what shortcomings to be addressed. This way, we are able to tailor-tune our training modules to ensure you reap maximum benefits from our interaction with you.
Our trainings and workshops are highly interactive and participant-focused. They are opportunities to listen to our clients to appreciate their challenges as we walk them the path to enhancing the quality of their work. Our workshops are actual ‘shops’ for working. We believe that it is only by doing that one learns.
We collaborate with the best qualified and experienced experts in the areas of our focus to ensure that our training and workshops are facilitated in the best mode for quality results. We guarantee you will never go wrong with NAKSHI trainings and workshops. You can only yearn for more. And you will be better at what you do.

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