Editing and Proofreading

You have encountered a misused semi-colon, or a missing comma, or a poorly constructed sentence which you read several times trying to imagine what the writer meant. On several occasions, you have been put off by some sentence, passage or document because of its unlearned language and incoherent structure. Or you have debated with yourself whether your sentence, paragraph, assignment, report, newsletter, magazine, thesis, or a document you are preparing, editing or proofreading, is the best you could produce. These and many others are precisely why we exist: to co-write, co-edit, co-proofread or co-prepare the document with you.

We believe that the success and effectiveness of the communication in your document lies in its ability to disseminate your intentions in as clear a manner as you conceive of them. That is why we edit and proofread. We ensure that there is no second-guessing what you mean in a sentence, paragraph, or your entire document. Our editing and proofreading will provide your document with four basic components of achieving effective communication. We edit for language, logic, coherence and structure. If all these four components are sound in your document, be sure your message will be home before you deliver it.

We edit books, reports, newsletters, strategic plans, theses and policy briefs. We edit any document that uses language as its mode of creation and delivery. We also offer general and specific advice on how to structure, organize and present your document of whatever nature.

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